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I am available for all your sharpening needs from your most delicate kitchen cutlery, to your hunting and fishing knives, to your garden loppers. For those with sharpening needs in the office, I offer sharpening services for scissors and guillotine style paper cutters.


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Blade Sharpening

If it has a blade, we can sharpen it. Everything from scissors to hair clippers to garden tools.  We can restore, or even improve the original sharpness of the blade.

Kitchen Cutlery

We sharpen all your cutlery by hand to give you a better-than-new razor sharp edge.  Broken or damaged tips?  We can repair them for a small additional charge.

Mower Blades

Mower blades should be balanced professionally to reduce the wear on your equipment and your body caused by the out-of-balance vibrations.

Customer Loyalty Program

Use us for all your sharpening needs.  Our punch card offers a free service to our loyal customers on their tenth visit. Ask or call for more details.

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First, I will inspect the mower blade for any damage including cracked blades, chips in the edges, and the condition of the bevels.  If there is damage beyond repair, I will notify the customer. Second, I will properly clean the blade removing yard debris which is essential when later balancing the blade. Third, I will sharpen the blade to match the factory bevel to ensure that the blade cuts like new when they are returned to the customer.

The answer is an absolute YES. A balanced lawnmower blade is as important as a sharp one. Consider this, the vibration caused by an out-of-balance rotating blade potentially will greatly damage the bearing blocks or crank shaft of the lawnmower. The vibration will further diminish the peak horsepower and performance; which will in turn reduce forward cutting speed and will be absorbed by the operator.

Consistent accurate balance measurements can be achieved at the “center-of-rotation” which is the center of the lawnmower blade’s mounting hole. Placing a mower blade on a nail affixed to a wall is measuring at the top of the hole instead of the center of said hole

While using a plastic table-top-stepped-cone is an attempt to improve the balance consistency over the nail-in-the-wall method, it is inaccurate as the steps never locate the center of the hole

In most cases your blades will be completed with next day service.

For most motorized lawn mowers I would recommend sharpening and balancing your blades every 20-25 hours of operation. Depending on the blade quality, most blades last 100-200 hours which equates to sharpening 5-8 times on your initial investment. Your blades will be cleaned, sharpened to a factory bevel, and balanced to avoid premature wear and tear on your lawn mower and a superior cut on your turf. And if you have ever tried to cut with a blade out of balance, you would know very quickly by the vibration you experience. Please call for more details and receive a one day turn around. 920-296-8825.

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